American Peace Dollar Coin Ring

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Highly sought after by collectors, the Peace Dollar was the last Silver Dollar to be minted by the United States. This popular coin featured a unique depiction of Lady Liberty reportedly based on the actual Statue of Liberty. This silver dollar was the result of a contest won by Anthony Di Francisci in which the U.S. Mint was looking for a new design that would be a representation of the peace seen after WWI.

This coin ring starts off with .7734 oz of pure silver and is a true piece of American history. 

Coin Ring Features:

  • Obverse: Shows Lady Liberty in profile with a radiant crown.
  • Reverse: Displays a sunlit eagle perched on a rock engraved with the word "Peace".
  •  Last genuine “silver” dollar to be produced by the U.S. government.
  • Available in antique or high polish finish.