Alphonse Mucha Laurel Coin Ring

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This coin ring features artwork from the artist Alphonse Mucha, father of the Art Nouveau "New Art" period from 1890-1910. Alphonse Mucha completed Laurel in 1901 and was originally designed as a glass panel for the interior of an upscale Parisian jewelry store, Boutique Fouquet. Mucha's works frequently featured beautiful young women in flowing robes with a Neoclassical appearance and were often surrounded by lush flowers forming a halo behind their head. 

This coin ring starts off with 1 Troy ounce of fine .999 silver bullion and makes for a truly stunning and unique coin ring.

 Coin Ring Features:

  • Obverse: Features the center piece of Mucha's 1901 Laurel with ribbon and laurel leaves adorning her hair and a detailed mosaic halo in the background.
  • Reverse: Depicts an image of Alphonse Mucha with the date 1860-1939.
  • Each coin ring is numbered and comes with the matching certificate.
  • Available in antique or high polish finish.