Reproduction Spanish silver dollar Coin Ring

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This coin ring is made from reproduction Real de Ocho or "Pieces of Eight". The original coins were worth eight Spanish reales and aside from being coveted by privateers the world over served as some of the first currency used in the United States. The Spanish dollar remained legal tender in the U.S. until 1857 and had been the world's leading currency since the 16th century based in part because it was the most stable and least devalued coin in the Western world.

This coin ring starts off with 1 Troy ounce of fine .999 silver bullion and makes a great way to start a conversation at your next Pirate Lords meeting or when sealing the occasional goddess in human form at the local Brethren Court.

Coin Ring Features:

  • Obverse:  Displays the coat of arms of Castile and León with Granada and a smaller shield of Anjou. 
  • Reverse: has the two hemispheres beneath a Spanish crown in between two crowned pillars, which represent the Pillars of Hercules.
  • Available in antique or high polish finish.